Community Conversations

Community members supporting conversations that matter about mental health.

"I was sitting on the bus and this other girl kept looking at me, I actually thought maybe I had a stain or something on me. At one of the stops she got up and moved closer to where I was sitting, I gave her a smile. She then said “I just want to let you know I have been really struggling and in a dark place lately and your sweater made me smile.” I was really thrown off. We then talked about mental health and seasonal depression and I told her about this brand! It made my whole week. So thank you for what you do, I am an advocate for life.“

Starting a conversation surrounding mental illness & mental health is not always easy. We are worried “what will they think” + “will they judge me” + “will they understand?” Here are a few suggestions when bringing up mental health: Take the lead, show initiative and ask: "Are you OK?" Put the invitation out there: "I've got time to talk.” "You know, I've noticed that you've seemed really down/worried/stressed for a long time now. Is there anyone you've been able to talk to about it?"

"These sweaters start conversations and get people talking. They are not always the fun or enjoyable conversations, but they still need to happen. It’s almost as if being aware just isn’t enough anymore, we must take action. Raising awareness is just the start of the process, not the end. There is still so much work that needs to be done here."

"I love opening up the conversation about mental illness because there needs to be more education on it and if someone out there needs someone to talk to, I want them to know I’m here. I love representing that the stigma should be erased! FOR GOOD. Mental health isn’t something you can just change, it’s more than emotion, it makes life harder. BUT LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! And I’m here for you✨"

"It’s hard to believe that just wearing a sweatshirt can help raise awareness, but they actually work! People I do not know would strike up a conversation about mental health, which is pretty amazing. But what is even more surprising is people I have known forever felt safe to start talking to me about mental health. The stigma is real and it is out there.... these clothes help to break it down and let others know they are not alone." 🧠🖤

"I feel that if I had worn this sweater 10 years ago, I would have had a lot of people thinking ‘why is she talking about mental health? Is something wrong with her?’ It just didn’t feel ‘normal’ to even have the words Mental Health on display for people to see or to try and start a conversation about this topic with anyone.⁠ I understand that talking about mental health can be hard & sometimes you want to leave those conversations private. That’s okay! Nothing is wrong with that!⁠ But how nice is it sometimes to be able to respond to someone when they ask ‘How are you?’ and say ‘You know, physically I’m a little tired & I’m feeling a bit exhausted mentally’ and not have the other person feel uncomfortable or quickly change the topic.⁠"