Everyone is affected by mental illness.

No one is defined by it. 

Own your Stigma was created to open up the conversation around mental illness, and help remove all shame, negativity, and guilt that our society has attached to it.

Our goal is to encourage us all to own and embrace our struggles and be okay with opening up, even if it is to a complete stranger. It is important that we share our experiences and stories to heal ourselves and others. 

We hope to evolve into a platform for individuals to connect, meet, network and share their stories with others all over the world. Whether you've battled with mental illness personally, or experience it through a loved one, we are with you, we support you, and we want to learn from you. 

When you purchase any of our apparel, we donate up to 15% of the proceeds to charities that support and provide help to people struggling with mental illness. Do you know a charity that is in need of support? Reach out. We are dedicated to growing our support network and creating change around the globe. 

Do you want to represent and promote something that can change the world for the better? Apply to become a brand ambassador for Own Your Stigma and help remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.
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