You Can Talk To Me About Mental Health . . . And True Crime

Grey T-Shirt with the words, "You can talk to me about mental health . . . and true crime"

It speaks volumes about our world today that we turn off the news to avoid stress and watch true crime documentaries to relax! 🤪 I have been an advocate of mental health awareness since I was a teen. I believe people should look at checking in with a therapist as no different than getting regular dental checkups. Often people will tell me, "No, why would a stranger care about my problems or understand?" You must find a therapist that you feel comfortable with and perhaps one that specializes in a particular issue you may be experiencing. This is no different than any other health care professional you see to take care of yourself. Having friends and family to talk to is wonderful, but so is having a person with an objective point of view to guide you and to listen. As for true crime, always lock your doors and windows, keep your curtains closed, never meet with an angry ex, and never ignore your gut instincts!! Stay safe and stay healthy!


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