I Am Stronger. I am Wiser.

Black woman wearing black sweatshirt that reads, "Coffee, Plants & Mental Health"

Hey my sweet babies! It’s time for a mental health check in! Ladies, how y’all doing? Fellas, y’all all right?

It was a particular rough week for my mental health. I was triggered by a lot of things. 2020 was the best and worst year for me. I was able to gain insight and perspective and get to know myself on a deeper level, but also I experienced great pain.

On the plus side, I am stronger. I am wiser. I know what to give my energy to and I know how to process, heal, and move on. I am grateful ultimately for last year stripping me bare and exposing all of my wounds.

I am forever grateful that what used to cause me so much shame is now my greatest strength. I’m thankful for this platform where I am able to share without judgement, and help you guys on your path to healing. And now I have written a book that is breaking generational curses, and I couldn’t be more happy about that.

Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement, kind words, acknowledgements, all of it. I know I didn’t have much to say last year, but oh, that’s changing. 😘🥰


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